One of the most common complications occurring as a result of the two types of oncologic treatment, chemotherapy and radiation, is that of oral mucositis.

In medical terms, it is the acute inflammation and ulceration of the oral mucosa whose integrity is compromised by the damage of rapidly divided epithelial cells that line the gastrointestinal tract, incidental to chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy involving head and neck area.

gelX® Oral Spray is a new treatment system designed to provide a protection shield mucosal and to relieve from pain due to oral mucositis.

Now you can be relieved with innovative new treatment against oral mucositis.It heals the lesions, relieves pain and does not interact with medication.

Oral mucositis involves prolonging hospitalization, increasing insurance costs and significantly aggravating the quality of life of patients.

Indications and modes of administration

GelX® Oral Spray is a Class IIA medical device. Its mineral and sulphonic acid composition is protected by a patented patent and is intended for the treatment of one or more oral mucosal diseases and dysfunctions.